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Tom Dameron-Tuba   Chuck King-Trumpet and Vocals   Jason Bailey-Banjo and Vocals
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Tom Dameron-Tuba

Tom Dameron Tom Dameron is a local Artist and Tuba player with The Old Fashioned Rhythm Method, The Anything Goes Trio. He also plays Sousaphone with The Legendary Pineapple Skinners. His website can be found at .

Tom works in a variety of mediums: pencil, watercolor, etchings, serigraphy,
acrylics, encaustics and stained glass.
The focus of his work is the celebration of people and nature.

Music and art come together in his work.
Through his portraiture, he has paid tribute to a number of his musician friends. These pieces are in the permanent collection of The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. He also has work in
The Montgomery Museum of Art and many private collections.
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