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Jason Bailey-Banjo and Vocals
Jason Bailey As a Mandolinist, composer, teacher and studio musician, Jason Bailey possesses the range of musicianship expected from a well-seasoned professional. Bailey has been a feature artist on WBHM's Tapestry three times for each of his solo recordings Southhwood, September in the South and Mandolbug. In addition these albums have been a feature for the online magazine, In 2007 Bailey was nominated for the Birmingham Music Awards in the category of best Country/Bluegrass/American artist.

In 1999 he received his bachelor's degree in music from Maryville College. Jason naturally applied his formal education allowing him to be at home in a wide variety of musical genres, including celtic, bluegrass, jazz. rock, jam, country and folk. Jason entertains his audiences with a solid wholesome sound and places himself in the mix of the greatest innovators of the acoustic music scene.
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